Benefits of Subscribing to SDS BinderWorks

If you're looking for ways to reduce costs and save time while simplifying your company's compliance with today's OSHA Hazard Communication requirements, please read through the following benefit descriptions.

  • Reduce Costs on SDS Management
  • Have you ever put a calculator to what it costs your company annually to maintain an accurate and updated SDS inventory? For the average employee responsible for finding and updating SDSs, it's easy for them to spend 10+ minutes locating and cataloging each product in their company inventory. Using this figure, even a relatively small inventory of 200 products will take more than 33 hours to review once a year. Depending on the hourly rate of the employee, the costs can really add up. Let SDS BinderWorks build your initial electronic inventory for you and assist with the review/update/archive process to free up your valuable employee resources.

  • Save Time on SDS Management
  • If you are responsible for managing your company's OSHA Hazard Communication program, you likely have a good understanding and appreciation for the amount of time and energy required to keep your information current. Our experience shows that after companies create their initial electronic SDS inventory and hardcopy book, they rarely update them. Accordingly, what you're left with is a paperweight on the shelf that, aside from not meeting the OSHA requirements, likely does not contain the critical product information and exposure response details your employees are entitled to.

    SDS BinderWorks allows you to manage your SDS inventories with ease and efficiency. You can create an electronic SDS inventory in a matter of minutes that can be viewed online, printed, or downloaded as a portable electronic file. If you maintain hardcopy binders, our exclusive "stay-organized" indexing system makes updating your contents a cinch. Construction companies appreciate the ease in which they can create custom SDS inventories for each separate jobsite. Or, if you need to keep a historical record of that jobsite's SDS's, simply use our archive function to save the inventory for future reference. All elements of the SDS BinderWorks service are designed to be simple, efficient, and most importantly, to reduce the time it takes you to create and manage your SDS inventory.

  • Simplify Compliance with Electronic & Hardcopy Formats
  • The cornerstone of SDS BinderWorks is that subscribers can have both electronic inventories and hardcopy books. As you would expect, electronic access is available 365/7 to all of your employees.

SDS Management Made Easy

Let SDS BinderWorks simplify your compliance needs with our quick and easy-to-use online inventory management system.

SDS BinderWorks Key Features

Since 2003 we've learned a few things about what our customers want and need, and our new service has been enhanced to meet the challenge.

  1. Easy-to-Use
  2. Convenient Access
  3. Custom SDS Inventory Creation and Management
  4. SDS Updating and Archiving
  5. Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Ready
  6. Ability to Create Both Electronic Inventories and Hardcopy Binders
  7. SDS Inventory Integration with Other Subscribers